Origin of Hatherall

This unusual and interesting name is of English origin and is a dialectal variant of a so called "lost" village called Hatherell. The derivation of this name is from the Olde English pre 7th Century "hoegporn", hawthorn, and "hyll", hill, thus hawthorn hill. The variants in the modern idiom, include Hatherill, Hatherall, Had(d)rill. The phenomenon of the "lost" village (of which it is estimated that there are between seven and then thousand was a result of the enforce "clearing and dispersal" of the former inhabitants to make way for sheep pasture in the 14th Century as well as the more natural causes such as the Black Death of 1248, and the various Wars.

One Henry Haddrell was christened on February 1679 at St. Giles, Cripplegate. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Hattrell, married Alice Cole, which was dated 30th April 1554, at Histon, London, during the reign of Queen Mary known as "Bloody Mary", 1553 - 1558. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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The surname Hatherall. Genealogy, origin, history, meaning, and significance

Discovering the historical roots of hatherall is deeply interesting, as it takes us back to the ancestors and relatives who established this lineage. The origin, the coat of arms or the different heraldic shields, and the bibliography in which the surname hatherall is mentioned are part of this exciting investigation. We can try to trace the genealogy of the surname hatherall, and in addition to the original locations of hatherall, we can find out where people with the surname hatherall can currently be found. Adhering to what we know about the way surnames originated, it is possible to offer a realistic explanation of the origins of hatherall.

The surname Hatherall around the world

Although surnames have a specific origin at a certain time and region of the planet, many of them have spread far and wide across the world for various reasons, as is the case with the surname hatherall. The list of countries with a higher presence of people with the surname hatherall provides us with a perspective on the history of the surname, beyond its origins, focusing on its migrations. The mobility of people carrying the surname hatherall has led to its presence in different countries, as you can verify.

History of Hatherall

The historical chronicle of hatherall is based on a striking series of events that were led by those who have carried this surname throughout history. For those like you, who are interested in the history hidden behind the surname hatherall, it is essential to find all kinds of information, both direct and tangential, that helps to construct a solid narrative of how the birth and expansion of hatherall developed. The history, heraldry, coats of arms, and possible nobility of the surname hatherall are scattered in documents across various regions and historical periods, so it is necessary to reconstruct a complex puzzle to approach the facts from a realistic perspective. In the following lines, you will find everything we have been able to gather about the surname hatherall.

We suggest that if you want to learn more about the surname hatherall, try to locate it through the bibliographic sources we suggest. We keep our website updated through our own research and also thanks to contributions from people like you, after verification; so if you have information about hatherall and send it to us, we will update it on this website. Please note that if you are in a position to provide more data about the surname hatherall or any other surname and its origin, we would appreciate your collaboration with us by sending us information about the origin of hatherall.

Notable Figures Named Hatherall

It's more than likely that there have been some distinguished hatheralls throughout human history. Sadly, not all the contributions of those who bore the surname hatherall were recorded by the chroniclers of the time. A surname like hatherall can connect a person to an illustrious lineage and a distinguished coat of arms. However, it must be kept in mind that it is individual people who, through their lives and actions, bring fame and recognition to their surnames. If you or someone you know bears the surname hatherall, you could potentially build illustrious lineages through your efforts and virtues. It is our desire to highlight in this section those individuals with the surname hatherall who, for various reasons, have left their mark on the course of history.

The surname Hatherall and its bibliographic sources

Thanks to a significant bibliographic review, we have so far compiled information on the heraldry, history, and genealogy of hatherall. The origin, history, coat of arms or different coats of arms, and the heraldry of hatherall are recorded in a wide variety of sources and documents that are essential to know for better compilation. We consider it highly advisable to refer to the following sources if you wish to conduct research on the surname hatherall, as well as many other surnames. Accessing the archives of the town or towns where your ancestors were born and lived is, of course, a good way to trace the origins of hatherall.


These sources are essential for initiating the understanding of hatherall, and at the same time, of surnames in general.

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