Origin of Euston

Recorded as Euston, Ewstan, Eustan, Eustone, and possibly others, this is an English surname. It is locational from Euston. This is not the famous railway station in London, but a small village in the county of Suffolk. First recorded as 'Eustuna' in the famous Domesday Book of 1086, it is said that the name means 'The place on the bank of a river', from the pre 7th century 'effs' meaning a river. However as the region of East Anglia including the county of Suffolk, is criss-crossed with rivers between lakes, this seems to be almost too logical an explanation, as the name could have been applied everywhere.

A second possible translation is that of 'Eofs-tun' with Eof being an Olde English personal name, and hence probably the Anglo-Saxon lord of the manor of Euston. The surname is well recorded in the surviving church registers of the city of London from Elizabethan times. This is not surprising in that locational surnames tend to be 'from' names, or names given to people after they left their original homes, and moved somewhere else. Originally they would have been known as John of Euston or whatever, the of or de being usually dropped. Recordings include Jane Euston who married Thomas Taylor by special licence in the city of London, on February 10th 1587, whilst in Suffolk itself the name is well recorded in the village of Buxhall, but not before 1839 according to the International Genealogical Index. If true this which suggests that early registers may have been lost.

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The surname Euston. Genealogy, origin, history, meaning, and significance

The origin, the coat of arms or the different heraldic shields, and the bibliography in which the surname euston is mentioned are part of this exciting investigation. Adhering to what we know about the way surnames originated, it is possible to offer a realistic explanation of the origins of euston.

The surname Euston around the world

The list of countries with a higher presence of people with the surname euston provides us with a perspective on the history of the surname, beyond its origins, focusing on its migrations.

History of Euston

For those like you, who are interested in the history hidden behind the surname euston, it is essential to find all kinds of information, both direct and tangential, that helps to construct a solid narrative of how the birth and expansion of euston developed. In the following lines, you will find everything we have been able to gather about the surname euston.

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Notable Figures Named Euston

Sadly, not all the contributions of those who bore the surname euston were recorded by the chroniclers of the time. If you or someone you know bears the surname euston, you could potentially build illustrious lineages through your efforts and virtues. It is our desire to highlight in this section those individuals with the surname euston who, for various reasons, have left their mark on the course of history.

The surname Euston and its bibliographic sources

The origin, history, coat of arms or different coats of arms, and the heraldry of euston are recorded in a wide variety of sources and documents that are essential to know for better compilation. Accessing the archives of the town or towns where your ancestors were born and lived is, of course, a good way to trace the origins of euston.


These sources are essential for initiating the understanding of euston, and at the same time, of surnames in general.

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