Origin of Bertini

It derives from the medieval name Bertus linked in turn to the Germanic berth or berhta with the meaning of "illustrious, clear".

Traces of this surname can be found in Monferrato in the 1300s: "Anno domini millesimo cccv, indizione tercia, die martis VIII mensis marcii, in burgo Tridini sub caxina marchinatus, presentibus... ...Thome de Guasto, Bertino de Castagnolio, et pluribus aliis testibus vocatis et rogatis..." and in Lucca since 1400. The surname Bertini is widespread throughout the centre-north, particularly in Tuscany.

Bertina, extremely rare, would appear to be Piedmontese.

Bertinelli has various small stocks in Lombardy and Emilia, with a significant stock in the Parma and Bologna areas, one stock in the Perugia area and one in Rome.

Bertinetti is typically Piedmontese, specific to Turin and Biella. Bertinetto is specific to western Piedmont, Cavour, Turin, Villafranca Piedmont and Piossasco.

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The surname Bertini. Genealogy, origin, history, meaning, and significance

Discovering the historical roots of bertini is deeply interesting, as it takes us back to the ancestors and relatives who established this lineage.

The surname Bertini around the world

Although surnames have a specific origin at a certain time and region of the planet, many of them have spread far and wide across the world for various reasons, as is the case with the surname bertini.

History of Bertini

The historical chronicle of bertini is based on a striking series of events that were led by those who have carried this surname throughout history.

We suggest that if you want to learn more about the surname bertini, try to locate it through the bibliographic sources we suggest.

Notable Figures Named Bertini

It's more than likely that there have been some distinguished bertinis throughout human history. It is our desire to highlight in this section those individuals with the surname bertini who, for various reasons, have left their mark on the course of history.

The surname Bertini and its bibliographic sources

Thanks to a significant bibliographic review, we have so far compiled information on the heraldry, history, and genealogy of bertini.


These sources are essential for initiating the understanding of bertini, and at the same time, of surnames in general.

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